Profit Accumulator
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Profit Accumulator is an online site which helps you make a little extra money online. It is not a get rich quick scheme, it can make you a little bit of extra cash each week, if you follow the excellent tutorials and don’t get carried away.

I discovered Profit Accumulator when my brother asked me to look into it for him, he had found it on a website link and thought it looked good but wanted a second opinion. We checked it out on TrustPilot Where it gets 4.8 stars so it looks OK from there, so far so good. I did a bit more digging and found that the site certainly seemed legitimate and people were making money using it, so it is what we are looking for.

So we had established that Profit Accumulator looks legit, but the second problem I had with it was it looks like a gambling site (it isn’t as we will see later) because it is all about laying bets. I had already been getting emails from some betting group offering me their tips to back and profit from, but I am not a gambling man, the last thing we wanted was to be gambling our hard earned money away, we want more of it in our pockets and we were always told “you will never see a bookie on a trades bike, they all have Rolls Royces or Bentleys” the odds are stacked against you when you gamble.

So Profit Accumulator involves gambling sites, let’s get that out there, but it is not gambling per se. The idea behind PA is that you use the offers which the gambling sites use to entice people in to make money. You will need a little money to start off, and it works like this example..
You sign up for a site they recommend which has an offer of a Bet £10 and get a £10 free bet. You back in one bookmaker site and lay (bet against the same thing) in another with similar odds. This way you will lose a minimal amount (usually around 50 pence or so) on this initial bet BUT you will get the free £10 bet, and will be doing the same again, this time you are not using your own money but the bookmakers money, and again bet and lay and this time you will make around £6 to £7 so overall you will make these winnings less the 50p you lost on the first bet.
This explanation is explained much better on the PA site with videos to help you understand it.

Where Profit Accumulator comes into its own is with all the extra tools it supplies, the tutorials, links to all the sites offering sign up offers and extra offers you can profit from, and the most useful of all is their calculators to help you make the right bets and lay bets to ensure maximum profits from the offers. They also link to daily bonus offers which the gaming sites are offering so you can do little free slot spins or bingo games which can bring in a little bit of extra cash.

My brother started doing this in January and has made around £1500 by July, he has been helping me get started too and I am up by £300 since June (it is August 2020 as I write this up). In the interest of full disclosure if you sign up from my link here, and go Platinum (which I highly reccomend for the extra tools and help it gives for just £17.99 a month) I will get a £20 one off payback from Profit Accumulator and you will get £20 from them too after the first full month.
Profit Accumulator works as long as you follow the instructions they supply, and keep in mind the labels they put on each offer they link (Green for no risk, yellow for low risk of losing funds and red if it is a high risk strategy but does pay off most of the time). Please use this link to sign up Profit Accumulator