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PostHeaderIcon How To Find Legitimate Internet Businesses

There are many ways to make money online but not all of them are legitimate internet businesses. Some, unfortunately, are scams, others are out of date, and others may make a little money but are not really businesses. Let’s look at these possibilities and discover how to find a genuine internet business that you can start to help you make money from home.


Some people use the word ’scam’ whenever they are unhappy with something they have purchased but this is unfair. The word implies that you have been intentionally deceived and defrauded. This is rare but it does occasionally happen.

Examples of scams are where you paid for a product that does not exist, or someone offers you coaching and never provides it. You can usually avoid these situations by checking online forums for reports on the product or service that you are considering. Be especially careful if the product or service is expensive.

Outdated Methods

When you are browsing ways to make money online you may come across some business ideas that are based on outdated methods. The internet changes very fast and any online business must be flexible in order to adapt to it.

For example a few years ago it was possible to make a lot of money with Adsense websites that automatically created thousands of nonsense pages to attract traffic from every imaginable keyword. Then the search engines wised up, the traffic dropped and the Adsense rules tightened up.

That does not mean that you cannot make money from Adsense any more. You certainly can. But you have to do it in a way that works right now, not a way that worked in 2005.

Is It A Business?

Many people make money online working for others. This can be any type of task from writing website content to working in customer support. Many people are happy doing this type of work but it cannot really be described as a business. Somebody is employing you, even if you never meet them.

There is a fine line between being working for somebody else from home and running a small business with one employee (you). My definition of the difference turns on who sets the price. Are they paying an amount that you either accept or don’t (they own the business) or are you setting the price and accepting clients who take it (you own the business)?

Where To Find Online Business Ideas

The best way to find online business ideas is to observe actual successful online businesses. Many people will offer to teach you to make money online with their ebooks and products but you can often learn more from watching how they sell this service to you.

Even better, visit a site where websites are bought and sold to see the exact ways that the owners are making money from these sites. It is hard to get an idea of the money making potential of a website just by looking at it, but someone who is selling you the site will tell you exactly how much money it makes and how.

You can see sites for sale at forums like Sitepoint and Digital Point. Look at the established sites for sale and click through to the details. The owners will often provide PDF downloads of reports where they explain their money making methods.

There is a huge variety of money making websites available to buy. Even if you do not want to buy a business but build your own, visiting these sites will spark off a ton of ideas for you. Be sure to write them down because the detailsĀ  of these legitimate internet businesses will disappear after the sites are sold.

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