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Odinn Sorensen has just launched his “Daddys Day Giveaway”, celebrating Fathers Day Odinn has done something quite unusual in this giveaway … He “hacked” the script and put some of the gifts on the FRONT PAGE, so you can get them right away, even without having to signup for the giveaway itself.

See for yourself:

The giveaway only runs for one week, from today june 15th to june 22nd, so you should go there right away and pick out your gifts …

Almost 200 gifts are waiting for you. Quality ebooks, software, graphics, PLR, audios, videos and much more.


Douglas Titchmarsh

P.S. Remember – don’t wait too long, it’s only a one week event …

want to keep up with the latest giveaways, get in early to post your contribution and build your list. Just want to know when new giveaways are opening to download tons of free stuff?

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