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PostHeaderIcon Using PLR to Create Your Own Sellable Product Really Can Be Quick And Easy

I recently saw a book with PLR (Private Label Rights)  rights at The Unselfish Marketers Vault a website which I pay a monthly fee to download tons of the latest products with various rights. Usually I just download the e-book, look at the rights and put it aside in my “to do later” folder. I guess you’re either the same as I was and think that it just takes too long to re-write a PLR product and make it your own, or don’t know where to start.

So what changed my opinion of PLR products?

This E-book was in a niche I know a little about, so immediately it piqued my interest. The niche was also comparable with another similar niche market into which the e-book could be pushed with a little re-writing. When I say a little I really mean it, I’m as lazy as anyone so you can take it to the bank that this was a quick and easy few changes.

OK so you really want to know how the e-book was re-written to become the new product which it now is.  Well the first thing I did was skimmed the PLR e-books contents and looked for the keywords for the niche it was in. Then using Open Office (you could use MS Word, or even Notepad for this bit) I did a search and replace of the first keyword. This replaced all instances of the original keyword with the one I wanted. Then I searched and replaced the synonyms for the keyword. As an example for an ebook about caring for cars, you could change “automobile” to “motorcycle”, and then “auto” to “bike” etc. through all the synonyms for car and change to motorcycle words.

Once I’d done the quick find and replace, I read through looking for anything which didn’t make sense for the new niche, in our example, anything related to bonnets (hoods), boots (trunks) or doors obviously wouldn’t be right for a motorcycle themed e-book. I rewrote all the sections which didn’t fit the new niche replacing sections with more relevant material, but you could just delete them instead.  Then it was time for a final re-read of the new e-book. Again just skimming is ok, don’t look for perfection, look to getting it done and on sale, I added a small request for readers of the e-book to send me details of any errors or omissions and promised to update it as neccessary and send details out to those who registered their email address for updates (thus building a list of people interested in that niche who trusted me enough to buy the e-book to whom I may be able to sell something else later).

The final stage of the e-books journey was to rewrite the sales page using the same find and replace technique I used for the e-book. I also had to change the cover graphic, and sales page header but that wouldn’t always be neccessary. Then all I had to do was put the “new” salespage and download area including the rewritten ebook onto the web ready to sell. I used Clickbank for this as there may be a possibility of making sales through affiliates who have websites in the same niche. Total outlay spent was about $10 as I already pay for the membership anyway, and had a Clickbank sellers account unused (but that’s only $45 anyway and you can sell multiple items on Clickbank) so I paid out for a domain name to help it in the search engines. The cost in time, which is a most valuable asset, was about 5 hours over a few days, most of which was spent on remaking the graphics and sorting out the salespage.

I’ve decided to rework some other PLR e-books in the future too, but I’ll be looking into niches other than the common internet marketing one, but there is plenty to choose from on my preferred suppliers site ( “The Unselfish Marketers Vault” remember?). I hope I will soon have several products in various niches on sale carrying my name instead of someone elses. All for the sake of some PLR products and a small investment in time.

BTW the e-book I am selling is at

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