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PostHeaderIcon An Honest Look At The Unselfish Marketers Vault

Over the years as an internet marketer I have joined a lot of monthly membership clubs to get resale rights products. Some have been shortlived as they have been started by people who fell by the wayside, others are still around but aren’t updated very often with new products or when they are the products are already stale and past their sellby dates.

One Monthly membership site I joined and paid for every month looked like it was going to be a shortlived one.  When I joined The Unselfish Marketers Vault it looked very amateurish and was difficult to find what you wanted. The products weren’t categorised and when they were added they were just put in a table on the main page.

As the site got more products added it began to look very cluttered and even more difficult to navigate, but the amount of products which were added regularly over the course of each month made it worthwhile persevering with. You could always look along the previous months products by using the links across the top to get earlier downloads if you remembered when they were added.

And that was how Unselfish Marketers Vault remained for a couple of years, untidy but so chock full of the latest downloads to resell or use in an online business it was a keeper. Just recently however it has had a facelift and an added search facility to enable keyword searches to find just what you need to resell, or create a new site with. So that’s the only niggle taken care of, although the site still doesn’t have much pizzazz it makes up for it in pure content which is now searchable.

So what of the products?
As I have already said Unselfish Marketers Vault is updated throughout the month with new stuff, and it is all the latest stuff to download.  There is a whole range of downloadable products too, ebooks with various rights from PLR (Private Label Rights which you can claim as your own and do almost anything with)to MRR (Master Resale Rights you can sell resale rights to), RR (Resale Rights you can sell the product only) and personal use only. Then there are websites ready to upload, with Adsense and other affiliate links built in. Wordpress blogs and themes you can use and as with the ebooks, some you can resell for profits.

In addition to all the above mentioned ebooks and websites there are sister sites which are also monthly fee sites which Unselfish Marketers Vault gives you access to at no extra cost, like a keywords research site, monthly PLR articles and video sites. You also get discounts at other sites which the owner arranges for you.

Customer Sevice
Unselfish Marketers Vault
has a specialist customer support form to fill in in case of problems and although it seems to be a one man band (JayKay Bak is the site owner and support) the response has always been very fast and efficient. I have lost passwords and had payments declined through Paypal when a credit card expired both of which were dealt with swiftly with no fuss.

Anything Else?
Actually there is a little more to add. For your monthly fee in addition to the downloadable products and membership sites included in the membership fees, you get extras. All UMV members get web hosting included with loads of space and bandwidth so you could join this one site and start your own online shop all from one source. You also have an option if you see a product outside the vault which can be put in the members area to get it brought and added to the site for everyone so you don’t need to buy it yourself.

The only downside I have seen at Unselfish Marketers Vault was the occasional product which turned out to be from someone unscrupulous and could have been illegal. JayKay Bak jumps on them and informs everyone when this happens as soon as possible, but it’s also our own job to do due diligence before putting something up for sale. Some of them have been illegally used graphics with copyright infringements but those can slip in anywhere when you are putting up as much as quickly as JayKay does every month.

With very few problems over the years I have been a member and all the value which is given in downloadable and resellable products every month there is nothing to do but recommend Unselfish Marketers Vault to anyone looking to sell digital products online. It’s all there for you in one place, just don’t be put off by the lack of razzle dazzle you really don’t need it and what you do need is here in spades.

Go and check out the Unselfish Marketers Vault today.

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