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PostHeaderIcon Using Twitter As a Sales Tool

If you haven’t heard of Twitter by now then you must have been living under a stone. Twitter is everywhere, pop stars, tv stars and film stars all twitter. Marketers and sales people are also using it, as are everyday Joes and Janes just like you. At first site Twitter looks like just another online time waster for the bored to tell everyone who is following them about the boring things they are doing. If that’s so then why are all these famous people, and marketers alike using it?

Because it’s a great tool to get more exposure for yourself or your products. Twitter is a great marketing tool for making sales. But how can you use it? Surely your friends who follow you already know about you so they already know you and your products right?

There’s more to it than that though. Twitter is a little viral tool just waiting for you to cash in on it. Imagine you have your ten friends following you, and they have their ten friends each who can all see that they are following you too. Then they might decide to see why their friend is following you on Twitter. So they also follow you. Then their friends can also see them following you and do the same. Before long you can have hundreds of people reading your Tweet (the short posts you make on Twitter are called Tweets).

So now you have an audience of followers reading your Tweets, and it’s growing exponentially as more followers followers start following you. Now you can keep them interested, and also add in the odd Tweet about your website or blog where they can find out about or even buy your product. Each time you Tweet and these followers all read it, they could be clicking on your link to a sales page or informative articles with affiliate products in.

There is of course a balance to be found, and you will need to keep the interest of your followers or they will stop reading your Tweets, but if you can keep your followers happy and keep adding more interesting Tweets then you can really use Twitter as a very effective sales tool. When you consider how quickly Twitter is growing, and the viral effect of the followers can you see how much it can do for your business? Isn’t it time you started Twittering?

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