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PostHeaderIcon Can You Really Make Money With the Clickbank Affiliate Program?

Clickbank has become almost synonymous with affiliate marketing, and with good reason. Clickbank makes it easy to setup a free account, just go to and enter some details, and you are an affiliate marketer. Not just yet, there’s slightly more to it than that don’t you know.

So what else do you need to make money as a Clickbank affiliate?

Firstly you need to know what you’re going to sell, the Clickbank marketplace has literally thousands of products for sale, most of which will pay you commissions to sell for the products owner. A common mistake beginners will make will be to dive in, and pick a load of products, and add all the affiliate links to their site, and expect the cash to roll in. It won’t!

This approach to selling products from the Clickbank marketplace is like throwing a handful of gravel at a tank, it’ll have no impact. Your potential buyers will get confused as to which link to click on and most likely won’t click on any. As with any kind of selling, you need to be focused on selling one or two products, and have a campaign dedicated to those products and nothing else.

You also need to be aware of your potential sales competitors, if you are going to make sales you want to find a small niche to concentrate on which isn’t already filled with competition. When you find a small niche, then you can exploit it to the max, using a themed website built around this niche, and a newsletter or autoresponder to keep you and your site in your potential customers minds. And keep reminding them of your Clickbank links.

What niche can you find to dominate in?
Looking for a niche market to sell into needn’t be difficult, start off by exploring your own hobbies. If you have a hobby, it’s a bonus as you will already know a little about what products people would be interested in. Clickbank is focussed on downloadable digital information products, so consider what someone starting your hobby, or wanting to improve in it would want and then look for associated products in the Clickbank Marketplace.

The talk among internet marketing experts is about “micro niches” which are the nitty gritty bits inside the main niche. So if your hobby was golf for example, you’d be looking for something in golf, but narrowed to a more specific area within the golf niche like “improve your putting”. Most marketers would target golf as a whole, but targeting the micro niche of putting would get you noticed by people who are looking to improve their finishing technique in sinking the ball.

So to answer our original question “Can You Really Make Money With the Clickbank Affiliate Program?”
The answer is yes, but you need to plan your assault on the market carefully, and then dominate one niche at a time in the Clickbank marketplace.

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