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PostHeaderIcon Affiliate Link Cloaker Software What is it and Do You Need It?

If you haven’t heard of affiliate link cloaking software, here’s a brief description. You can feed in your affiliate link, and it will output a file, or link which will be used to cloak your link. In the case of desktop link cloaking software you will get a file to upload to a website. In online scripts, it will already be online and no further work will be needed.

So why would you need to cloak your affiliate links?

There are several reasons to cloak an affiliate link, which we will outline for you so you can make a decision whether to cloak or not.

  1. Your hard won customers can cut off part of the link and stop you getting your affiliate commissions. Sometimes it will be because they think they can pay less (usually incorrect) if they don’t pay your comissions on the product. Sometimes they will cut of your affiliate id and put their own in and get a discount when they get their comissions they just took from you.
  2. Emails can chop off long links. As you send out a newsletter, or any other email with a link in, sometimes the longer links will be forced over two lines, meaning the affiliate link gets broken. The link either doesn’t work at all, so no sales or just your affiliate id gets lopped off and you don’t get the comissions on sales you make from your emailing.
  3. Long affiliate links look unprofessional and puts people off buying. When they see a link full of letters and numbers, people are put off clicking it. Look at a lot of affiliate urls and they are very long and full of question marks and other characters. They just look suspicious and stop people from following the link.

So now you know what an affiliate link cloaker is, do you need one? More to the point which one should you get. There are plenty of choices of link cloaker and the choice is yours of course. I can recommend two here for you right now. One is a desktop based program which I used for a long time, but it means you have to upload a file to webserver after you have made the cloaked link. The other is a script which sits on your website in a folder and redirects to your affiliate link when someone follows the cloaked link, and it also tracks the links so you can see if your advertising ois working.

The first of the affiliate link cloakers I mentioned above can be downloaded for free from us along with some other great useful software. It’s called “Affiliate Diamond” and you can find out more about the free package and download it from this link. You will need a website, but it is very simple to use with few bells and whistles. You can always track your links from your server logs if you want to track them.

The second cloaker is a website based script called “Redirection Rocket”. This software has to be installed with a mysql database but has lots of useful features for tracking your links and where your traffic comes from. You can create campaigns for each link to track the traffic. This is currently offered for under $10 at . If you need installation of a script, we can help with that, just contact us.

There are other redirection, and affiliate cloaking scripts available, but we can’t comment on them as we haven’t used them. Do you know of any others, why not comment below…

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