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PostHeaderIcon Word Press Sales Automator – A Review

I have been searching for a Wordpress plugin to make adding products with a buy button easier. I recently tried several programs and to be honest was getting to the point of giving up. The last one I tried was so close to working and the support team were brilliant but never quite got the buy it button through to the end delivery of the digital download.

It took days of wasted effort, and I was consigned to just making payment buttons through Paypal manually. I mean who has time for messing with supposedly easy plugins which don’t work out of the box? You need to be able to start selling almost as soon as the plugin has installed right?

While looking at some items in my inbox I noticed a link to a Wordpress plugin which promised easy set up with digital sales and memberships catered for in the core download, and add ons for much more. It wasn’t a free plugin but the cost was minimal for the basic sales button and delivery part of it so I shelled out the cash. Immediately I had the download and installed the plugin. That was as simple as any, so it was onto the setting up.

Setting up Wordpress Sales Automator was easy enough except for removing all the extra bits and changing a few settings in Paypal which were done for other plugins which hadn’t worked. Once I had IPN enabled and the appropriate email address for my Paypal account in the right box in the plugin there were just a couple of  urls’ to sort ou which involved making a generic “Thankyou” page and “download” page with a small inserted piece of code on each which would work for all the products (No need for seperate thankyou/download pages for each product).

Then setting up a product was as easy as uploading it and setting the price etc. in the form inside the Wordpress Dashboard for the WPSalesAutomator Plugin and took literally just over a minute including small file upload.  Obviously larger uploads will take longer but you can do it all from the one form quickly and easily. Copy and paste (or write) your sales page and again add a small code you get from the product listing in the dashboard to the bottom and you’re done. Time to test….

My first test worked flawlessly, straight to the download page after purchase, and a nicely formatted thank you email with a link to the product download in my email box shortly afterwards too. All very nice and simple. I’ve got to say my experience has been very positive so far, and I will be adding it to other blogs. I also like that you can add other modules such as Affiliate sales later (you can get your own army of affiliates selling for you all run from your own server) and I will be testing them out as it becomes neccessary. The only drawback I can see at the moment is that it may not work yet with the latest version of Wordpress (3.2) at this time but it works fine in 3.14 and lower according to the forum for the Plugin, although that is being addressed.

The verdict then is if you need a simple to install, simple to setup and use automated sales system on your Wordpress blog then WPSalesAutomator works out of the box.  Click the image below for more information and purchase details..


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