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PostHeaderIcon Is Your Online Marketing Slowed Down By Your PC? Is this the answer?

Is Your Online Marketing Slowed Down By Your PC? Is this the answer?

Your PC is a vital part of your online marketing toolkit. In fact it’s not merely vital, it IS your marketing toolkit. Without your PC you can’t do any work at all online. It’s running almost

everything that you do apart from your website. And yet we neglect our biggest asset in the most terrible way.

I know from experience how little I get done when my PC goes awol. I had a hard drive crash, and most of my stuff wasn’t backed up. Stupid. So now I back everything up as I go along. All

my websites, all my downloads and all the programs I use are saved to a seperate drive. Yet still I’m neglecting my PC and letting it slow me down.

Every day before I start working on my computer I switch it on, have breakfast while I wait for it to start, and then wait some more twiddling my thumbs. I wait again for my email program

to start, and again for my browser. At the end of the day I wait again for it to shut down. But it never used to be this slow.
How about you?
Can you remember how fast your pc was when it was new?

So what can you do about it?
How can you speed up your pc?
Well I just found out about a product which claimed to help you speed up your PC. It’s an e-book written by a self professed computer “hacker” who promises to reveal the truth about

speeding up your PC with no extra cost. I’m a sceptic in these matters, and also a bit of a geek myself. I bought the e-book and started reading.

Antivirus program for free, check it’s the one I already use.
Spyware remover, ditto the above.
Firewall, if I hadn’t heard of this one already and been using it for 6 years then I’ll barbecue my headgear.

At this point I was already checking the refund guarantee as this was basic stuff any geek knows about. I’ve even written articles about them to get traffic to my sites. This stuff is old hat.

But I continued reading just to see the rest of this “hackers” speed up your pc tips. Run Windows update, why? it’s on automatic updates for most of us isn’t it? Defrag your hard drives,

get real mr. “hacker” this ain’t news to anybody and you’re about to give a refund buddy.

Then there was a glimmer of hope, a great tip I hadn’t seen before, and some software I’d heard about but hadn’t used as it seemed too dangerous. The “hacker” came good here with a

simple guide to using the software safely. Better. I have read about it in forums, so knew this does help speed up a slow pc but it always came with scary warnings , now I could use this

free software safely.

 So any more or is that it, one useful speed up your pc nugget?

Well actually after the poor start this little e-book went from strength to strength. Still a lot of stuff I already knew, but I am, as I already confessed, a geek and this information wouldn’t be

known by your average pc user. I still learnt a lot from this concise e-book, including lots of programs I could download for free to do geeky stuff I usually did manually.

So would I recommend this e-book?
Yes, to anybody and everybody who has a pc, and can follow simple step by step instructions. For the price this is an absolute must buy, in terms of saving money on pc maintenance,

and saving time waiting for your pc to do its job.

The name of this handy book is The Secret PC Formula 
Click Here to go get it and speed up your pc today

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