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PostHeaderIcon Hostgator Web Hosting Company A Review By A Long Term Customer

A few years back I was involved in making websites for people who wanted instant Adsense sites to earn money online. The guy I was working with mentioned his web host (Hostgator) and that they could handle internet marketers websites and reseller hosting. I wasn’t sure as I’d had several hosts and although I was paying a bit more for my webhosting at the time they had been reliable. But as we had customers asking if we could offer hosting for the sites we were selling I bit the bullet and signed up for a Hostgator Reseller account.

I moved a few of my own sites there too, and found the uptime to be better than my previous hosts. Also the features on the account were much better than I’d been used to, but with webhosting that’s not the whole story. I had a few monthly hosting clients and no complaints about the loading times of sites from them, and when I looked at my own sites or added to them it was always smooth and quick.

Then one of my sites got hacked, and the hackers used it to send thousands of spam emails. I had moved hosts twice before because of this happening with dodgy scripts I used leaving backdoors open to hacking, and feared the worst from Hostgator. The site┬áhad been disabled by Hostgator and I had an email telling me so, I had to contact them. I used the Hostgator contact form and within an hour had contact from them. Within another hour the site was back up and running with the hostgator techs taking my word for it that I hadn’t sent the spam, easy as that.

I have since used the technical support at Hostgator on several occasions and they have always responded quickly and positively even when it’s my own stupid fault I let something go wrong. They understand the internet marketer and human failability. Each and every time I have lost my password, or had a site down they have helped quickly and efficiently, so top marks for customer service.

The reseller side of the hosting package is also simple to use (Web Host Manager and Cpanel) to add more domains and assign bandwidth and webspace to each site or setup pre-defined packages with limits in place. If a site is running low on space it’s a simple matter to allocate more to it with a few clicks. Even I can use the features there, those I understand anyway as there’s more functionality than I have ever needed.

I have only had one time in several years as a Hostgator customer that I would consider a slight problem. They were doing some server upgrades, and the process slowed all of my sites for a period over a few days. Their support team explained what was going on when I contacted them, and to be honest it was an inconvenience rather than a disaster, and it’s been just that once that anything has gone wrong on their end as opposed to several on mine they have had to help me with.

So to sum it all up, if you want a reliable webhost which understands the needs of internet marketers there are lots of reasons to choose Hostgator to host your sites. With excellent uptime, good fast connectivity and all the features you need on a range of affordable web hosting plans along with the best customer support I have ever come across Hostgator should definitely be near the top of your list.

Visit Hostgator now to find out more.

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