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PostHeaderIcon What My Two Year Old Taught Me About Marketing Online and Offline

What can you learn about marketing from a two year old?
Quite a lot actually.
Two year olds are humans and will show you exactly how they will react to a situation without any false ideals or actions to mask their true feelings.

My own two year old responds to emotions, so I figured that so would my customers in my business. When I need her to do something, my daughter will stubbornly refuse,
but I can often remind her of the fun she had last time we done it, and she will happily go along.
If you can setup a similar emotional response in your customer, they will be more likely to purchase your products. Try to remind them of something you know will bring out a positive response in most people, a time when they were young and enjoying a ball game
or when they first succeeded in riding a two wheel bicycle. Relate this to your products effect on their life.

My toddler doesn’t like having her hair washed, to convince her to have it done we use a bribe we know she will want to have. A sweet, or a story book usually does the trick.
Our potential customers like to think they’re way beyond the antics of a two year old, but how many will resist this old marketing ploy of a free gift?
There is a potential flaw here, my daughter has learnt to try to checkout the goods being offered first before she agrees to the bribe, and your customer will need some kind of assurance that the gift is worth whatever effort you ask in return, whether it is to entice them to your site or get them to sign up to your email list.
Make your bribe more than worth the required task for your customer.

Stories draw in my little girl like nothing else (except maybe television but I digress) and
her attention can be held for quite a long time by an involving tale. But our customers won’t be interested in stories right?
Wrong, by painting a picture in words of how your product came about, or why your ebook was written you will involve your potential buyer more in your copy. Making the story descriptive, and emotive will gain your customers trust, and empathy.
If they can relate the story to their own problem (perceived or real) then they will be more prone to buy.

My daughter also likes to feel special, using her name will draw a smile and a response every time. She can never ignore us when we call her name out whatever she is doing. Her attention is gained even when she hears her name on the TV and she will look around. Yep you guessed it, using your customers name will gain their attention too. In an email subject they will pick out their own name readily among all the other subjects. Using the name within the email also develops a feeling of one on one chat and intimacy which will gain their trust. It’s a little more difficult on a webpage, but can be done still, using a script to request the name and then personalise the page for the potential buyer.

As you can see my two year olds actions and reactions mirror the results we will see in all of human life, and can be used in our marketing efforts to increase our sales.
Try using some of these ideas in your marketing, and thank my toddler if you see your sales rising.

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