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PostHeaderIcon What Is Niche Marketing And How Can You Profit From It?

Have you ever heard of niche marketing?

If you have, or if you haven’t then there maybe some things you would like to know about niche marketing online as a way of making an income. So without further filler or fluff, here are some basics to hekp you get started with niche marketing.

We’ll start with the question what is a niche, and how do I market it?

A niche is just a small gap. For our purposes this gap is a potential area where we can sell (market) products into. Usually these niches are based around hobbies and passtimes people enjoy. By tailoring products to a small niche group we can usually find an untapped market where we have less competition, especially online where everyone looks to see if there is any information about their favourite hobby.

To make money from a niche market we first have to find one, if you have a hobby and know a bit about it, that could be a starting point for researching a niche. Lets take a hobby like e.g. Golf. Now if you take a look at golf in any search engine, book store or library there are tons of books, dvd’s, etc. aimed at golfers. But that doesn’t mean you couldn’t find a niche in the golf market.

Drill down into golfing, and you can find gaps which maybe you could fill with an information product. Maybe you are left handed, and can help left handed golfers perfect their swing. I haven’t looked at it, I know nothing about golfing personally, but there maybe other groups of people with difficulties playing golf.

The golf thing is just an example, any hobby, or passtime could be an open playing field for the right information product to fill a niche in the market, fishing, crochet, cooking etc. All you need to do is find a small market which not many people have looked at and fill a gap with your information product.

You don’t even need to be an expert, some people are just starting out in a new hobby, and there may not be a decent introductory book to help them get started. Kinda like the “… for Dummies”(C)(TM) series of books, that is a perfect example of finding niches and filling the gaps with a marketable product. Those books take a subject and make it understandable for the layman (or dummies) by explaining the jargon.

Now all you need to do is find your own niche (remember if you have a hobby you can start there) and fill any gap you can see with your own product. Information products are easy to create and then sell online. You could even look for a product with resale rights, although then you will be in competition with others who buy the rights.

This short article has hopefully given you an insight into niche marketing online, but if you want to know more then visit our sister site for a great deal on an ebook with more information on niche markets, just follow this link to the ”Niche Marketing Profits” ebook

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  • JRKY says:

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  • Niche marketing is a good way to promote products and earn money online because there are few competitors yet.;’~

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