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I was just going through my emails, and reading the ones which interest me. One which I often read is Robert Plank’s which always links to his latest blog post. This time he is opening a discussion about putting your picture on your salespages and websites.

Why would you want to put your picture out there so prominently?
Why not, it’s a form of branding for your business and helps to gain your customers trust. As Robert pointed out in “Is Your Photo On Every Salespage?”┬áhe recognised a few top marketers from their online images on their salespages and websites at a recent seminar. So did many others. This strategy brought their customers and potential customers to them in person at the seminar too, so why aren’t we all doing it?

I just started by putting my own face on the widget in the sidebar >>>> and on some of my other sites as part of my signature at the end of the salesletter. It’s just another of the great ideas I get regularly from Robert Plank

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