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I’m guilty.

I’ve been ignoring all the stuff I could be using for my websites and making cash online with. It’s stupid, but at least I have admitted I have the problem and started doing something about it. You might want to read about my stupid mistake and see if you’re doing it too.

I realised I had a problem when I looked at my PC hard drive, it was full of stuff I’d downloaded either for free, or worse that I’d paid for. You see all this stuff was sitting on my hard drive unused, all good sellable stuff or useful information to help build my business. I was even paying for an incredibly useful monthly products site and downloading more and more without using any of it.

I had ebooks with resale rights on all sorts of topics, I had website templates, wordpress blog templates (and complete sites) all of which should have been somewhere online for sale to make me money, instead I was letting them sit idle. The big problem was that I was also paying for unused web hosting where I could put it all with a price tag on it.

So I have decided to start putting the products with resale rights up on my various domains for sale, and some on sites tailored to the niche they are in. I found I had a Wordpress plugin to make setting up buy buttons and uploading the products simple (WPSalesAutomator) so I installed it on a few blogs I owned and setup some others like Self Improvement Manuals which was a site which had fallen into disrepair but is now being built back up.

I started using the monthly products site I was paying for and using all that they gave me which was an awful lot more value than I pay to be a member (The Unselfish Marketers Vault if you want to know more). I downloaded some of the instant blogs from The Unselfish Marketers Vault members area and put them on my domains using the underused hosting account I pay for at It’s a little work but spreading it out over a few weeks I am starting to make use of a lot more of the stuff I have and can get.

The upshot of the few hours spent here and there and without spending any more money is that my Adsense earnings have increased slightly (Adsense sites downloaded from The Unselfish Marketers Vault ). I have sold some ebooks which hadn’t even been available to make me anything sat on my hard drive, and some of the ebooks I can get from (guess where) will make a great addition to some of my other sites to make me a little extra.

So there’s my guilty little secret, I have been wasting the resources available to me, resources like The Unselfish Marketers Vault and Hostgator as well as domains I had collected. I’m trying to put all that behind me and keep on using everything I can, how about you?

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