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PostHeaderIcon 10 Quick And Easy Tactics To Increase your Sales

If you’re trying to sell anything, online or offline, you need some surefire tactics in your sales literature or salespage to grab your readers attention, and push the “buy it” hot button. These strategies are already in use by your competition, it’s your turn to take the lead again and implement these quick and easy tactics to increase your sales.

1. The “Fast Use” Tactic

The “the best part is (topic or product) takes minutes to implement…” sales tactic tells your prospects that your product won’t take long to use or work. In these modern fast paced times, People are busy and want things to as work quickly as possible, let the prospect know how quickly your product does what they need.

2. The “No Skills” Tactic

The “how anyone with no (topic) skills can…” marketing ploy tells your prospects that even they can use your product to gain their desired benefits. It also tells them that they don’t need any special training or skills. Putting your prospects mind at ease that once they buy your product or service they won’t need to spend their valuable time learning to use it, or get it working is a sure way to lower their resistance to buying.

3. The “Don’t Share” Tactic

The “(no.)% of all (topic) experts won’t ever share this with you…” strategy tells your prospects that they are missing out on an important piece of information. They will want to buy your product in order to find out about it. Letting your customer know you hold a secret that they won’t get easily elsewhere will pique their curiosity and drag their wallet or credit card out into the open.

4. The “Repetition” Tactic

The “here’s exactly what you get when you purchase…” strategy reiterates to your prospects a brief, persuasive summary of everything you told them they would get early in your ad copy. Repeating the major benefits of your product package can increase your sales. Add the repeated summary of benefits near the buy button and watch the sales increase.

5. The “Price Cutting” Tactic

The “the price of (product) isn’t even $(no.) Or $(no.). Or even $(no.). It’s only $(no.)…” strategy tells your prospects how reasonable the original price is for your product but you just keep lowering it. People get excited when the price just keeps going down and down. See this in action on a lot of web salespages with a strikethrough through the higher prices, and the lowest price standing out, it works plain and simple.

6. The “Can I?” Tactic

The “can you really (your product’s benefit)? the answer is yes…” strategy tells your prospects a question they would likely have asked themselves or other people before. Once you tell them “yes,” back it up with unquestionable proof that your product works.

7. The “Uncomfortable” Tactic

The “you may not be completely comfortable using my product…” strategy tells your prospects that your product is so effective that it will give them an unfair advantage. You could tell them that other people and their competitors will be angry, envious and jealous. It’s human nature to want to be envied and admired by others, this useful “human flaw” is another hot trigger for closing the deal.

8. The “First Place” Tactic

The “fast action bonus, the next (no.) people that order get…” strategy tells your prospects if they are one of the first to order, they will get a bonus. It creates urgency and a fun competition for being one of the first. Nobody likes to be second, and who wouldn’t feel a bit peeved if they missed out on something just for waiting a little while and getting in too late? This one tactic can be used in many different ways to make sales. Either a bonus or a lower discounted price can be the prize for fast action i.e. buying right now.

9. The “Keep In Mind” Tactic

The “while reading this sales letter, please remember to…” strategy tells your prospects what to actually think about when reading and viewing your sales letter. You want to remind them to think about the benefits of your product or how it will improve their life. See tactic 4 “Repetition” above in addition to this tactic, both used together can reinforce your potential benefit to your customer.

10. The “No, No, No” Tactic

The “no hidden fees, no monthly fees, no set up fees and nothing else you ever have to buy…” strategy tells your prospects that they will only have to pay a one-time fee for your product. People hate spending money on fees that they think businesses add on for no real reason. Reassure your potential customers that there are no hidden extras to buy and you will soon have them on your side and ready to buy.

Now you know these Quick And Easy Tactics, look out for them as you visit salespages. They are sometimes dressed up to look different, but underneath these same tactics are employed in all good sales literature and salespages online. Now you know the secrets, and you can put them to work for you to increase your sales.

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