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Back in the back end of the nineties, and beginning of the noughties a short lived phenomenon called surfing for cash hit the internet. I personally made a reasonable amount of extra cash from the various companies which surfaced at that time and paid me to surf. The best bit was that they usually paid on several referral levels too.

Because I found a few friends online who also wanted some extra cash and were willing to surf for the money, I soon had a regular monthly cheque coming in from companies like and others. Unfortunately the paid to surf sites found that they couldn’t make it pay for everybody and stay in business.

Now there’s a whole new batch of companies giving paid to surf another try, this time with more sustainable payouts. I’m going to give this one a try…

SurfJunky will pay on 3 levels
Level 1 Referrals – 5% of whatever they earn gets paid to you
Level 2 Referrals – 3%
Level 3 Referrals – 1%

I can’t say yet whether the new paid to surf companies will last, but lets hope they can succeed where Alladvantage failed and that we can get paid to surf for a time to come. Join for free, and find out with me if it’s going to last, if nothing else it may be a way to bring in a few extra bucks towards advertising your main product.

Why not let me know what you think about paid to surf programs by commenting below?

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