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PostHeaderIcon Three Inner Secrets of Internet Success

By Yanik Silver

In only a few short months I’ve achieved the ultimate Internet “fantasy” of making a lot of money from a simple (almost primitive) web site that runs itself virtually on complete autopilot. Starting from scratch I banked over $51,351.94 my first 6 1/2 months online, just working part-time out of the corner of my living room.

Now today at age 31, I’ve gone on to earn over 7-figures. 

How did I go from a standing start to banking mega profits?

To do that, what I think you really need are these inner secrets to mega internet success.  This has nothing to do with search engines, pay-per-clicks.  It doesn’t have anything to do with any of the tactical stuff.  It’s all a lot of stuff that goes on in your head.

* Secret #1: Cheerful Expectancy *

One of my biggest mentors is Earl Nightingale. He passed away several years ago but you need to get everything he recorded at He has a program called “Lead The Field” and “The Strangest Secret.”  Just listen to that thing over and over again.  He talks about cheerful expectancy.

There’s a big difference between having expectancy versus hoping or wishing something is going to occur.  When you have that cheerful expectancy, you know it’s going to occur.  And that doesn’t just come from being “Pollyannaish” or having rose-colored glasses. 

It comes from having knowledge.  And you get that knowledge from studying in your field whatever it is. It could be Internet marketing or it could be neurology. That means reading, studying and buying everything and absolutely immersing yourself in it.

I learned from Earl Nightingale that if you want to be an expert, you spend an hour a day reading on whatever subject that you’re interested in, that you want to be an expert on. So I said, “Well, what would happen if I read for three hours a day?” 

I just started learning as much as I possibly could, and that knowledge gives you the confidence to know that you have that positive expectancy. Your expectations determine
your results.

* Secret #2:  Do one proactive thing a day *

You don’t need to do 100 things a day.  Just get that one proactive thing a day.  So each little brick builds a big wall for you.  Trust me it’s easy to be overwhelmed with hundreds of tasks.  You’re like, “Oh, we need to do e-zine ads and free-for-alls and pay-per-click search engines, and I need to do all this other stuff.” Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

But just relax and do one task a day.

Your action will create more and more and more action for you. You simply need to make a commitment to do one proactive thing a day no matter what. Even if you’re dead tired and worked a 14-hour day – come home and mail one letter or send out one joint venture proposal. I’m telling you – just these little tiny proactive things will have an immense impact.

Most everyone has heard of the ‘80/20 rule’ or the Pareto Principle. It says that 20% of your actions produce 80% of your results, and the other way around.  80% of your work only creates 20% of your results.

So go back and look where your successes came from, and I know that they’re from a tiny little group of actions.  So if you just get that one proactive thing a day (from the 20% group) that is going to propel you further, that’s going to bring you to where you want to be.

Make it a point to focus on those “20% activities”. In Stephen Covey’s famous work “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” he calls these activities “important but not urgent”.

One of my Apprentices, Peter Woodhead, from the UK is a perfect example of simply doing one proactive thing a day. A lot of Apprentices bolted out of the gate during our one year program but Peter was an Internet newbie and he also had a full time job so he was a bit slower getting started. However, he took my advice and simply managed to
do one proactive thing every single day. No matter how big or how small. It could be writing one autoresponder message or it might have been writing 50 headlines. No
matter the day – Peter was moving ahead. And not surprisingly his project was completed before many of the other Apprentices were finished.

* Secret #3:  Decision  *

This is such a big point.  A lot of people have so many problems with decision.  That’s because they don’t like it because it cuts off other options.  But frankly that’s exactly what you want.  You want to cut off other options.

One of our top apprentices, Cindy Kappler,, had no other option but to succeed because she quit her job.  Now I’m not encouraging you to do that if you still have a real job but it does prove if you cut off your options, you’re much more motivated. Successful people make decisions quickly.

There’s a magic of attraction when you make your decision. However, when you’re hemming and hawing, you don’t experience this magic.  I don’t want to get into too much woo-woo or metaphysical or spiritual stuff. 

But there’s this magic of attraction.  I can’t even explain it.  When you set your mind up that you’re going to do this, all of a sudden, at the next dinner party you’re attending you meet somebody that can help you get to where you want to go.  Is that luck or is that something else? 

I don’t think it’s luck.

It’s like once the decision is made your mind is tuned into the solution and all kinds of ‘freaky’ coincidences and occurrences happen.

And that brings me to another important point about decisions – fail quickly. Don’t be afraid of failure.  A lot of people are so afraid of screwing up, or making a mistake that they are forever frozen.  Who the hell cares?
Screw up quickly!  I screw up all the time.  And you want to fail quickly. 

That’s the great part about the Internet.  You want to go out there and find out if your dumb idea is going to work right away. You can do it in days instead of months. Sometimes hours and if it doesn’t work, you move on.  You say, “Next!”

Look, I know a lot of people who are working on their products for the last two, three, four years.  Get the damned thing out!  You just make it better as you go along., our first product was not where it is now.  We’ve added a ton of stuff to it and made it better.  But I just wanted to see if the thing was going to sell.

It wasn’t complete and utter rubbish, as my British friends say, but it was enough that it made the point.  It found out if there was a marketplace for it.  So find out. 

Some people like to go around at dinner parties and so on and say, “I’m writing a book.  I’ve been writing a book for five years.  I’m an author.” 

Uh huh…

I can show you 6 different ways to have your book done in days. It’s a cop-out and complete B.S. Bottom line – make the decision to get the product out there.  See what happens and fail quickly.

Now get out there and do it!
(c) Surefire Marketing, Inc.

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What do the top selling Clickbank merchants know and do differently?

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PostHeaderIcon Book Review: The Adsense Code by Joel Comm

Book Review: The Adsense Code by Joel Comm

The Adsense Code begins with the basics which anyone just starting out with Adsense will find useful as a quick reference to get them up and running. As someone who has been using Adsense for a while I found this section could be skimmed, although there are some tips you may still find useful even if you have used Adsense on your sites for a while. Some of the stuff in the first few chapters will jog your memory and remind you of somethings you already know but forget to use.

After the initial setup Joel gets right on with the stuff you bought the book for, the correct way to implement Adsense for maximum profits. His tips are all backed with his real life testing and tuning, but even so he is ready to admit that there is no one size fits all when it comes to ad placement and colour usage in the adblocks, think blending in the Adsense blocks to not look like ads and you are getting close. He also reveals what Adsense blocks work best and where, as well as caveats when this advice doesn’t quite work out to be true.

After the initial setting up, and placement, The Adsense Code goes further into testing and tracking to get the maximum CTR (Click Through Rate) for your Adsense blocks. Joel mentions some of the tools he uses for tracking and gives you a more in depth knowledge of how to use the tracking Google has already given to Adsense publishers with the “Channels” you can use to track your Adsense effectiveness with. This is a useful read for anyone who wants to make the most of every block of Adsense ads.

The other parts of the book briefly (sometimes it seems a little too briefly) cover the topics of content sites, search engine optimisation and using your website stats to help you increase your traffic. The section on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) could have been a little more in depth, although this is a huge subject which deservedly has more than enough books and ebooks written about it, it could have had a little more than the 8 pages devoted to it, but then this book isn’t about getting traffic, it’s about making the most from what you already get.

In summing up, The Adsense Code by Joel Comm is an ideal book for the beginner to intermediate Adsense publisher, and will help improve their Adsense earnings. If you are already earning a living from Adsense this will offer only a little backup reference information for you. The Adsense Code covers the core subject for which it was written in great detail, in an easy to understand way without being patronising. My advice is if you are earning less than a few hundred dollars a month from Adsense but would like to do better then this is the book to buy, and keep referring back to as you improve your earnings.

The Adsense Code By Joel Comm which you can buy for yourself at

PostHeaderIcon Stop Swapping Your Life For Cash

We are conditioned through teaching, our parents and elders to accept that when we grow up we will need to work to live. In the end we all accept that the only way to live is to earn money, and the only way to earn money is to go to work and swap our lives for money.
There is another way. You don’t need to work all day every day for your money, how about if you could work hard for a few weeks, and then throttle back and just keep things ticking over and still earn enough money to live?

It’s possible, and it’s being done right under your nose. I bet you’d like to know how right?

Let me be cryptic for a moment, and ask you another question or two. Do you belong to any membership sites, or clubs where you pay yearly, monthly or even weekly for your membership?
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Do you see it now, how you can work hard, build up a membership site of your own, and then throttle back, keep it ticking over almost on autopilot bringing you money every month?

Online it’s even easier to start a membership website, that’s why so many people are doing it, and successfully making a living from owning their own membership website. Even better, I just found out where you can go to get all you need to start your site, almost immediately.
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