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PostHeaderIcon An Honest Look At The Unselfish Marketers Vault

Over the years as an internet marketer I have joined a lot of monthly membership clubs to get resale rights products. Some have been shortlived as they have been started by people who fell by the wayside, others are still around but aren’t updated very often with new products or when they are the products are already stale and past their sellby dates.

One Monthly membership site I joined and paid for every month looked like it was going to be a shortlived one.  When I joined The Unselfish Marketers Vault it looked very amateurish and was difficult to find what you wanted. The products weren’t categorised and when they were added they were just put in a table on the main page.

As the site got more products added it began to look very cluttered and even more difficult to navigate, but the amount of products which were added regularly over the course of each month made it worthwhile persevering with. You could always look along the previous months products by using the links across the top to get earlier downloads if you remembered when they were added.

And that was how Unselfish Marketers Vault remained for a couple of years, untidy but so chock full of the latest downloads to resell or use in an online business it was a keeper. Just recently however it has had a facelift and an added search facility to enable keyword searches to find just what you need to resell, or create a new site with. So that’s the only niggle taken care of, although the site still doesn’t have much pizzazz it makes up for it in pure content which is now searchable.

So what of the products?
As I have already said Unselfish Marketers Vault is updated throughout the month with new stuff, and it is all the latest stuff to download.  There is a whole range of downloadable products too, ebooks with various rights from PLR (Private Label Rights which you can claim as your own and do almost anything with)to MRR (Master Resale Rights you can sell resale rights to), RR (Resale Rights you can sell the product only) and personal use only. Then there are websites ready to upload, with Adsense and other affiliate links built in. Wordpress blogs and themes you can use and as with the ebooks, some you can resell for profits.

In addition to all the above mentioned ebooks and websites there are sister sites which are also monthly fee sites which Unselfish Marketers Vault gives you access to at no extra cost, like a keywords research site, monthly PLR articles and video sites. You also get discounts at other sites which the owner arranges for you.

Customer Sevice
Unselfish Marketers Vault
has a specialist customer support form to fill in in case of problems and although it seems to be a one man band (JayKay Bak is the site owner and support) the response has always been very fast and efficient. I have lost passwords and had payments declined through Paypal when a credit card expired both of which were dealt with swiftly with no fuss.

Anything Else?
Actually there is a little more to add. For your monthly fee in addition to the downloadable products and membership sites included in the membership fees, you get extras. All UMV members get web hosting included with loads of space and bandwidth so you could join this one site and start your own online shop all from one source. You also have an option if you see a product outside the vault which can be put in the members area to get it brought and added to the site for everyone so you don’t need to buy it yourself.

The only downside I have seen at Unselfish Marketers Vault was the occasional product which turned out to be from someone unscrupulous and could have been illegal. JayKay Bak jumps on them and informs everyone when this happens as soon as possible, but it’s also our own job to do due diligence before putting something up for sale. Some of them have been illegally used graphics with copyright infringements but those can slip in anywhere when you are putting up as much as quickly as JayKay does every month.

With very few problems over the years I have been a member and all the value which is given in downloadable and resellable products every month there is nothing to do but recommend Unselfish Marketers Vault to anyone looking to sell digital products online. It’s all there for you in one place, just don’t be put off by the lack of razzle dazzle you really don’t need it and what you do need is here in spades.

Go and check out the Unselfish Marketers Vault today.

PostHeaderIcon Hostgator Web Hosting Company A Review By A Long Term Customer

A few years back I was involved in making websites for people who wanted instant Adsense sites to earn money online. The guy I was working with mentioned his web host (Hostgator) and that they could handle internet marketers websites and reseller hosting. I wasn’t sure as I’d had several hosts and although I was paying a bit more for my webhosting at the time they had been reliable. But as we had customers asking if we could offer hosting for the sites we were selling I bit the bullet and signed up for a Hostgator Reseller account.

I moved a few of my own sites there too, and found the uptime to be better than my previous hosts. Also the features on the account were much better than I’d been used to, but with webhosting that’s not the whole story. I had a few monthly hosting clients and no complaints about the loading times of sites from them, and when I looked at my own sites or added to them it was always smooth and quick.

Then one of my sites got hacked, and the hackers used it to send thousands of spam emails. I had moved hosts twice before because of this happening with dodgy scripts I used leaving backdoors open to hacking, and feared the worst from Hostgator. The site had been disabled by Hostgator and I had an email telling me so, I had to contact them. I used the Hostgator contact form and within an hour had contact from them. Within another hour the site was back up and running with the hostgator techs taking my word for it that I hadn’t sent the spam, easy as that.

I have since used the technical support at Hostgator on several occasions and they have always responded quickly and positively even when it’s my own stupid fault I let something go wrong. They understand the internet marketer and human failability. Each and every time I have lost my password, or had a site down they have helped quickly and efficiently, so top marks for customer service.

The reseller side of the hosting package is also simple to use (Web Host Manager and Cpanel) to add more domains and assign bandwidth and webspace to each site or setup pre-defined packages with limits in place. If a site is running low on space it’s a simple matter to allocate more to it with a few clicks. Even I can use the features there, those I understand anyway as there’s more functionality than I have ever needed.

I have only had one time in several years as a Hostgator customer that I would consider a slight problem. They were doing some server upgrades, and the process slowed all of my sites for a period over a few days. Their support team explained what was going on when I contacted them, and to be honest it was an inconvenience rather than a disaster, and it’s been just that once that anything has gone wrong on their end as opposed to several on mine they have had to help me with.

So to sum it all up, if you want a reliable webhost which understands the needs of internet marketers there are lots of reasons to choose Hostgator to host your sites. With excellent uptime, good fast connectivity and all the features you need on a range of affordable web hosting plans along with the best customer support I have ever come across Hostgator should definitely be near the top of your list.

Visit Hostgator now to find out more.

PostHeaderIcon WP Simplicity: A review

WP Simplicity: A review

Wordpress plugin WP SimplicityWhen I saw WP Simplicity advertised, I was very sceptical. The claims being made make it seem like the answer to every marketers prayers. When something gets as much hype as WP Simplicity did I usually find its actual value is inversely proportional to the claims. I resisted buying it for a while until somebody I trusted put it in a more believable light.

When I had downloaded it, installing WP Simplicity was as easy as installing any other Wordpress plugin, that is upload and activate. There are actually two plugins, the main one which helps set up blogs quickly, and the secondary plugin which makes adding content to almost any wordpress blog just a few clicks.

We’ll start with the main plugin, which contains a plugin selector for over 100 of the most useful Wordpress plugins. Some didn’t work, but that was due to the plugins themselves rather than WP Simplicity. Select as many plugins as you want from the list and install them, ideal for setting up multiple niche blogs quickly. In addition, the WP Simplicity plugin can instantly install a “Privacy Policy” page, “About” page “Contact” page and a sitemap. The only problem I encountered with these was that the sitemap required a particular plugin, which was one of those which wouldn’t install automatically from the Simplicity menu. Manual install allowed the page to be created.

So having setup several plugins, and all the necessary pages for my blog in just a few minutes, it was time to see what else the WP Simplicity plugin can do. There is a section to add any plugins you use which Simplicity didn’t contain, but I found that the functionality I need in a blog all came from the plugins supplied. Next it was time to test the addition of content using WP Simplicity.

Being a smartarse, I never read instruction manuals, and that made WP Simplicity’s content add-in (WP Simplicity Add Post) seem more difficult than it actually is, more on this later. Some basic setup is required first, inputting Clickbank I.D. and a few other bits of information which you discover is actually making life easy later. When you go to write a post you are given an extra search bar, and some radio button choices, these all ow you to search for content in the form of articles, news, Clickbank or Amazon products by keyword. Use the radio button to search for an article, and this was where I complicated things when I clicked the link and then copied and pasted the article. No need, there is a preview article link which loads the article in the preview box, and gives the option to insert it immediately.

Having added an article as content, you can search for affiliate products in Ebay, Amazon or Clickbank to add to the article all at the click of a few buttons. Adding content never was this simple, and adding potential money pullers at the same time is icing on a delicious cake.

Now onto the drawbacks, of which there are few. Firstly as I pointed out earlier, some of the plugins don’t work and one of the non working plugins being one of those required to make something else work in the WP Simplicity plugin did take off a little of the sheen. There is also a long loading time for the list of all the plugins to load before you can select them, although this is minor irritation and maybe better on a different webhost. Additionally the amount of plugins can be daunting unless you know which ones you want already.

The verdict, WP Simplicity is a very useful tool for the affiliate, Adsense or online marketing blogger to set up Wordpress blogs quickly with almost instant plugin installation of a lot of useful gadgets. The addition of the pages to make Privacy policies etc. instantly is a real timesaver. The addition of the Add post widget and its ease of use makes this a must have for me now. Once I’d installed it on one blog, I started installing it on all of them and looking at what other niche blogs I have products and links to produce using this swiss army knife of a blog tool.

Find out more about WP Simplicity and pricing at this link

PostHeaderIcon Word Press Sales Automator – A Review

I have been searching for a Wordpress plugin to make adding products with a buy button easier. I recently tried several programs and to be honest was getting to the point of giving up. The last one I tried was so close to working and the support team were brilliant but never quite got the buy it button through to the end delivery of the digital download.

It took days of wasted effort, and I was consigned to just making payment buttons through Paypal manually. I mean who has time for messing with supposedly easy plugins which don’t work out of the box? You need to be able to start selling almost as soon as the plugin has installed right?

While looking at some items in my inbox I noticed a link to a Wordpress plugin which promised easy set up with digital sales and memberships catered for in the core download, and add ons for much more. It wasn’t a free plugin but the cost was minimal for the basic sales button and delivery part of it so I shelled out the cash. Immediately I had the download and installed the plugin. That was as simple as any, so it was onto the setting up.

Setting up Wordpress Sales Automator was easy enough except for removing all the extra bits and changing a few settings in Paypal which were done for other plugins which hadn’t worked. Once I had IPN enabled and the appropriate email address for my Paypal account in the right box in the plugin there were just a couple of  urls’ to sort ou which involved making a generic “Thankyou” page and “download” page with a small inserted piece of code on each which would work for all the products (No need for seperate thankyou/download pages for each product).

Then setting up a product was as easy as uploading it and setting the price etc. in the form inside the Wordpress Dashboard for the WPSalesAutomator Plugin and took literally just over a minute including small file upload.  Obviously larger uploads will take longer but you can do it all from the one form quickly and easily. Copy and paste (or write) your sales page and again add a small code you get from the product listing in the dashboard to the bottom and you’re done. Time to test….

My first test worked flawlessly, straight to the download page after purchase, and a nicely formatted thank you email with a link to the product download in my email box shortly afterwards too. All very nice and simple. I’ve got to say my experience has been very positive so far, and I will be adding it to other blogs. I also like that you can add other modules such as Affiliate sales later (you can get your own army of affiliates selling for you all run from your own server) and I will be testing them out as it becomes neccessary. The only drawback I can see at the moment is that it may not work yet with the latest version of Wordpress (3.2) at this time but it works fine in 3.14 and lower according to the forum for the Plugin, although that is being addressed.

The verdict then is if you need a simple to install, simple to setup and use automated sales system on your Wordpress blog then WPSalesAutomator works out of the box.  Click the image below for more information and purchase details..


PostHeaderIcon Our Latest E-Books To Help You Start A home Based Business

It’s been a while since we put anything on this site, but finally we have some new stuff for all the internet marketers out there.

Our first announcement is that our sister site has some new items for you to browse. If you’re new to internet marketing, or just looking for a way to ensure your income in these poor economic times then this e-book is just for you, One Month To Your Own Online Business gives you step by step instructions to start your own online business.

In my One Month To Your Own Online Business you will learn -

  • How to understand the different types of internet business and quickly decide which one is for you.
  • How to immediately begin an internet marketing business that is recession proof and thrives.
  • How to start a business immediately without having to put any money down for advertizing.
  • How to find a product or service that people want or need, so that your business transcends dire economic predictions about bankruptcy
  • How to build a website to promote your business, without spending way too much money
  • You will also benefit from following the user friendly step by step guidelines in this book that are based on one simple business model.

So if this is something you’ve been considering then go and take a look now at One Month To Your Own Online Business

Our second new addition is almost a companion title. Home Based Business Ideas gives the budding home business owner a few ideas to start them thinking about working from home. There are plenty of ideas for businesses you can start from your own home and even if you don’t take any of them up it will start your mind working on the ideas for your own home business. Take alook at Home Based Business Ideas for yourself.

I’ll try not to leave it so long next time, so look out for our next post here at CashInOnline

Thanks for your time
Doug Titchmarsh

PostHeaderIcon Alternative Payment Options – More Choice Equals More Sales?

If you’re doing any sort of business online which involves accepting payments for your goods or services, then you should already have considered the alternatives. Most online marketers use Paypal, as most of our customers can use it to make payments, and we can accept credit cards, e-cheques and straight Paypal transfers without the expense of having our own merchant accounts.

But there are alternatives to Paypal, and choice is a good thing where customers are concerned. For starters Paypal is still not available everywhere in the world, and some people still won’t use it even where it is. Offering an alternative payment option will obviously allow many more of your potential customers to buy from you when Paypal isn’t an option.

So what are the alternative payment choices?

Obviously you could get your own merchant account and process credit and debit cards for yourself, this would involve contacting a bank, and arranging the services with them, as long as your software can integrate with their systems. Another alternative for accepting payments is 2Checkout ( ) they do charge a fee up front to join, but 2checkout is widely supported in shopping cart software. With 2 checkout you can accept cheques, credit and debit cards, and in addition they now offer affiliate facilities so you can sell your products and services through an affiliate network.

Another widely used online payment option is Clickbank, who accept payments from many different sources on your behalf. Again there is a small fee to set up a vendor account at Clickbank, and there are limits on maximum prices (you can request higher maximum limits, and they are quick to respond to requests). Another plus for Clickbank, is that they have lots of affiliates using their system, and if you offer a good quality product many of them may begin promoting it for the commissions you set when you add your product. A negative on Clickbank’s scoresheet, is that you can only sell one product from the account without using a script to redirect to others, although there are scripts available to do this and Clickbank does allow quite a lot of products on an account but only one salespage.

There is another alternative payment option which we just discovered, and which may help you to make more sales with an innovative way of giving everyone a win win deal. It’s called TrialPay and it’s ingenious in the way it works. As a merchant you can now offer your products for free, but still get paid. As a customer, your purchasers now needn’t spend money they don’t want to on your products, but still get them. TrialPay uses a system whereby their partners are offering incentives to gain customers or even visitors to their sites. Trialpay offers to pay you some of that money (up to the value of your products or sometimes even more) when you send your customers to sign up for free offers in return for receiving your products for free.

In simple terms, you get paid, TrialPay get their clients some extra visitors or signups, and your customer gets the product they wanted without paying anything for it. As a payment option TrialPay is truly win win win for everybody. We are currently trying it out at on several of our top selling products to see how it works out, see the TrialPay buttons for these products Niche Marketing Profits and Follow-Up Email Creator Pro and try it out to get those products for free from us and TrialPay.

Then checkout if Trial Pay can work for you as a payment option by using the button below to sign up for your free merchant account

TrialPay Referral Program

PostHeaderIcon Take the 30 Day Challenge With Affiliate Cash Secrets – Video Presentation

How would you like to take the 30 Day Challenge, and discover the secrets to affiliate cash in 30 days?

Watch our video presentation to find out more about this unique 30 day challenge. Then go look at the site and find out if you are up to the challenge.

PostHeaderIcon Helpful Products From One Of Our Other Sites

We just uploaded some stuff to our sister site at the Discount Ebook Store a site where we offer all kinds of e-books and software at low prices.

The first of the new products we added is so low priced it’s actually free :-) for absolutely no money we are giving not one, not two, not even 3 but 4 e-books every entrepreneur should read.

  1. Think And Grow Rich By Napolean Hill

  2. Science Of Getting Rich By Wallace Wattles

  3. Acres Of Diamonds By Russel Conwell

  4. Personal Magnetism By Theron Q. Dumont

All of these e-books and a special bonus are available for free download right now at so don’t miss out go and grab them now.

The second product I’d like to tell you about is Free Traffic For Broke Marketers E-book  which is a guide to getting more free traffic to any website. If you’re on a budget, then free traffic is the only way to go so we have added Free Traffic For Broke Marketers  and heavily discounted the price because, well you’re on a budget right? The price is all the way down to … well go see for yourself, the link is there for you to use.

Still here? Get going and at least download the freebies listed above.

PostHeaderIcon Is Your Online Marketing Slowed Down By Your PC? Is this the answer?

Is Your Online Marketing Slowed Down By Your PC? Is this the answer?

Your PC is a vital part of your online marketing toolkit. In fact it’s not merely vital, it IS your marketing toolkit. Without your PC you can’t do any work at all online. It’s running almost

everything that you do apart from your website. And yet we neglect our biggest asset in the most terrible way.

I know from experience how little I get done when my PC goes awol. I had a hard drive crash, and most of my stuff wasn’t backed up. Stupid. So now I back everything up as I go along. All

my websites, all my downloads and all the programs I use are saved to a seperate drive. Yet still I’m neglecting my PC and letting it slow me down.

Every day before I start working on my computer I switch it on, have breakfast while I wait for it to start, and then wait some more twiddling my thumbs. I wait again for my email program

to start, and again for my browser. At the end of the day I wait again for it to shut down. But it never used to be this slow.
How about you?
Can you remember how fast your pc was when it was new?

So what can you do about it?
How can you speed up your pc?
Well I just found out about a product which claimed to help you speed up your PC. It’s an e-book written by a self professed computer “hacker” who promises to reveal the truth about

speeding up your PC with no extra cost. I’m a sceptic in these matters, and also a bit of a geek myself. I bought the e-book and started reading.

Antivirus program for free, check it’s the one I already use.
Spyware remover, ditto the above.
Firewall, if I hadn’t heard of this one already and been using it for 6 years then I’ll barbecue my headgear.

At this point I was already checking the refund guarantee as this was basic stuff any geek knows about. I’ve even written articles about them to get traffic to my sites. This stuff is old hat.

But I continued reading just to see the rest of this “hackers” speed up your pc tips. Run Windows update, why? it’s on automatic updates for most of us isn’t it? Defrag your hard drives,

get real mr. “hacker” this ain’t news to anybody and you’re about to give a refund buddy.

Then there was a glimmer of hope, a great tip I hadn’t seen before, and some software I’d heard about but hadn’t used as it seemed too dangerous. The “hacker” came good here with a

simple guide to using the software safely. Better. I have read about it in forums, so knew this does help speed up a slow pc but it always came with scary warnings , now I could use this

free software safely.

 So any more or is that it, one useful speed up your pc nugget?

Well actually after the poor start this little e-book went from strength to strength. Still a lot of stuff I already knew, but I am, as I already confessed, a geek and this information wouldn’t be

known by your average pc user. I still learnt a lot from this concise e-book, including lots of programs I could download for free to do geeky stuff I usually did manually.

So would I recommend this e-book?
Yes, to anybody and everybody who has a pc, and can follow simple step by step instructions. For the price this is an absolute must buy, in terms of saving money on pc maintenance,

and saving time waiting for your pc to do its job.

The name of this handy book is The Secret PC Formula 
Click Here to go get it and speed up your pc today

PostHeaderIcon Free Access to Internet Marketing Elite Club

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