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PostHeaderIcon Free money – paid to surf

Back in the back end of the nineties, and beginning of the noughties a short lived phenomenon called surfing for cash hit the internet. I personally made a reasonable amount of extra cash from the various companies which surfaced at that time and paid me to surf. The best bit was that they usually paid on several referral levels too.

Because I found a few friends online who also wanted some extra cash and were willing to surf for the money, I soon had a regular monthly cheque coming in from companies like and others. Unfortunately the paid to surf sites found that they couldn’t make it pay for everybody and stay in business.

Now there’s a whole new batch of companies giving paid to surf another try, this time with more sustainable payouts. I’m going to give this one a try…

SurfJunky will pay on 3 levels
Level 1 Referrals – 5% of whatever they earn gets paid to you
Level 2 Referrals – 3%
Level 3 Referrals – 1%

I can’t say yet whether the new paid to surf companies will last, but lets hope they can succeed where Alladvantage failed and that we can get paid to surf for a time to come. Join for free, and find out with me if it’s going to last, if nothing else it may be a way to bring in a few extra bucks towards advertising your main product.

Why not let me know what you think about paid to surf programs by commenting below?

PostHeaderIcon Book Review: The Adsense Code by Joel Comm

Book Review: The Adsense Code by Joel Comm

The Adsense Code begins with the basics which anyone just starting out with Adsense will find useful as a quick reference to get them up and running. As someone who has been using Adsense for a while I found this section could be skimmed, although there are some tips you may still find useful even if you have used Adsense on your sites for a while. Some of the stuff in the first few chapters will jog your memory and remind you of somethings you already know but forget to use.

After the initial setup Joel gets right on with the stuff you bought the book for, the correct way to implement Adsense for maximum profits. His tips are all backed with his real life testing and tuning, but even so he is ready to admit that there is no one size fits all when it comes to ad placement and colour usage in the adblocks, think blending in the Adsense blocks to not look like ads and you are getting close. He also reveals what Adsense blocks work best and where, as well as caveats when this advice doesn’t quite work out to be true.

After the initial setting up, and placement, The Adsense Code goes further into testing and tracking to get the maximum CTR (Click Through Rate) for your Adsense blocks. Joel mentions some of the tools he uses for tracking and gives you a more in depth knowledge of how to use the tracking Google has already given to Adsense publishers with the “Channels” you can use to track your Adsense effectiveness with. This is a useful read for anyone who wants to make the most of every block of Adsense ads.

The other parts of the book briefly (sometimes it seems a little too briefly) cover the topics of content sites, search engine optimisation and using your website stats to help you increase your traffic. The section on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) could have been a little more in depth, although this is a huge subject which deservedly has more than enough books and ebooks written about it, it could have had a little more than the 8 pages devoted to it, but then this book isn’t about getting traffic, it’s about making the most from what you already get.

In summing up, The Adsense Code by Joel Comm is an ideal book for the beginner to intermediate Adsense publisher, and will help improve their Adsense earnings. If you are already earning a living from Adsense this will offer only a little backup reference information for you. The Adsense Code covers the core subject for which it was written in great detail, in an easy to understand way without being patronising. My advice is if you are earning less than a few hundred dollars a month from Adsense but would like to do better then this is the book to buy, and keep referring back to as you improve your earnings.

The Adsense Code By Joel Comm which you can buy for yourself at

PostHeaderIcon Free Cash From Ciao For Taking Surveys

One of the best ways to get a little free money together is taking surveys. There are several good companies you can join and take surveys for cash, but the one we’re interested in today is (or etc depending on your location).

Ciao offers cash for taking surveys, simply put you answer some questions on a given topic, and if you are in their target group you will earn a fee for answering the questions. Some can be boring, but some paid surveys are on soon to be released films, or new products you will be able to buy and can be quite interesting.

 You are told up front how much you will earn if you meet the target requirements, and also a rough idea of how long it will take you to do the survey, although I usually find this way overestimated. Fill in some paid surveys for ciao, and soon you will have enough to cash out into your bank account.

In addition to paid surveys (and I guess other ciao sites) also offer money for reviews on products on their site, and for other activities. Find out more by using the banner below