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PostHeaderIcon Using Crap Advertising In Your Marketing Plan

Crap advertising, what the heck is that you may well be wondering. Crap advertising is the kind of marketing all the gurus will tell you to steer clear of. It’s considered, well, crap. The returns on time are less than many of the top marketers would or could boast they get from their methods, and lets face it they want to sell you their information, so anything else will be “crap”.

But is it really that bad, and what are crap advertising methods?

Crap advertising online ranges from FFA (Free For All) link pages, to safelists, and includes things like classified ad sites, forum message boards and traffic and click exchanges. These are all considered to yield little to no returns by the top marketers. In fact you may have actually tried these methods yourself, and spent time posting to FFA sites and looking at 2 websites to get 1 hit for your own site and found you didn’t get anywhere. I know I tried them before and put them aside as crap ways to advertise online.

We are not going to let them die that easily though, because I have discovered a way you can use these methods to advertise your business and products and get results. The results will depend on your own work ethic, and how well you can market to people once you get them to your site, but these crappy advertising methods can bring them to you to start with. And the best part about using crap advertising is that it is low, or in some cases no cost advertising for you.

The trick to making the crap advertising pay is to get the people who do come to your site into your list. Don’t attempt to sell to them, they’ll be too busy to buy today, just offer something free, like a course to opt-in to and if you offer a gift for signing up to as well, you will convert even more of them to opt-in to your own list. Then follow up (an autoresponder is your best friend here, you do have an autoresponder setup with messages to send right?) follow up at least 7 times, but keep the selling to a minimum in the first few emails, just a quick line or two and a link. When they get to know you and trust you because of your free course, then they will buy more from you.

Because you now have the people on your list you have more chances to sell more products to them later. In this way you can convert a crap advertising method into a cheap way to get prospects to you, and because it’s low cost advertising you can do it over and over again.

Follow this link for more information on Profiting From Crap Advertising

Douglas Titchmarsh

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