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PostHeaderIcon Alternative Payment Options – More Choice Equals More Sales?

If you’re doing any sort of business online which involves accepting payments for your goods or services, then you should already have considered the alternatives. Most online marketers use Paypal, as most of our customers can use it to make payments, and we can accept credit cards, e-cheques and straight Paypal transfers without the expense of having our own merchant accounts.

But there are alternatives to Paypal, and choice is a good thing where customers are concerned. For starters Paypal is still not available everywhere in the world, and some people still won’t use it even where it is. Offering an alternative payment option will obviously allow many more of your potential customers to buy from you when Paypal isn’t an option.

So what are the alternative payment choices?

Obviously you could get your own merchant account and process credit and debit cards for yourself, this would involve contacting a bank, and arranging the services with them, as long as your software can integrate with their systems. Another alternative for accepting payments is 2Checkout ( ) they do charge a fee up front to join, but 2checkout is widely supported in shopping cart software. With 2 checkout you can accept cheques, credit and debit cards, and in addition they now offer affiliate facilities so you can sell your products and services through an affiliate network.

Another widely used online payment option is Clickbank, who accept payments from many different sources on your behalf. Again there is a small fee to set up a vendor account at Clickbank, and there are limits on maximum prices (you can request higher maximum limits, and they are quick to respond to requests). Another plus for Clickbank, is that they have lots of affiliates using their system, and if you offer a good quality product many of them may begin promoting it for the commissions you set when you add your product. A negative on Clickbank’s scoresheet, is that you can only sell one product from the account without using a script to redirect to others, although there are scripts available to do this and Clickbank does allow quite a lot of products on an account but only one salespage.

There is another alternative payment option which we just discovered, and which may help you to make more sales with an innovative way of giving everyone a win win deal. It’s called TrialPay and it’s ingenious in the way it works. As a merchant you can now offer your products for free, but still get paid. As a customer, your purchasers now needn’t spend money they don’t want to on your products, but still get them. TrialPay uses a system whereby their partners are offering incentives to gain customers or even visitors to their sites. Trialpay offers to pay you some of that money (up to the value of your products or sometimes even more) when you send your customers to sign up for free offers in return for receiving your products for free.

In simple terms, you get paid, TrialPay get their clients some extra visitors or signups, and your customer gets the product they wanted without paying anything for it. As a payment option TrialPay is truly win win win for everybody. We are currently trying it out at on several of our top selling products to see how it works out, see the TrialPay buttons for these products Niche Marketing Profits and Follow-Up Email Creator Pro and try it out to get those products for free from us and TrialPay.

Then checkout if Trial Pay can work for you as a payment option by using the button below to sign up for your free merchant account

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